Thursday, February 10, 2011

avast – free antivirus protection

If you are realy serious about removing viruses , spywares and malware from your computer with a FREE antivirus software you should use avast! HOME EDITION which is one of the most used and leading antivirus on the market today. Over 60 million people use avast compare to any other anti virus programs.

What is the features of avast! HOME EDITION ?

  • Almost 100% detection of viruses
  • Anti-rootkit, anti-spyware built-in
  • Outstanding performance
  • avast! HOME EDITION:- is FREE OF CHARGE for non-commercial & home use only.
  • Web Shield:- monitor and filter all HTTP traffic coming from the Web sites on the Internet.
  • Network Shield :-provides protection against known Internet worms/attacks.
  • Automatic updates :- The updates is completely automatic
  • Simple User Interface :- Very intuitive Simple User Interface
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • System Integration
  • Integrated avast! Virus Cleaner

Spyware :- is software installed on a computer that is designed to collect information about the computer user.This can result in so called identity theft, or theft of valuable information (e.g. bank or credit card details).

Rootkits:- are programs that install on your computer while keeping themselves and their activities hidden to remain invisible to the use. They represent a significant security risk on both home computers and company networks and are notoriously difficult to find and remove.

Why you need to register ?

avast! Home Edition works for 60 days after installation in trial mode (full functional program) and After these 60 days you need to register to get your free license key and stay protected. this can be done by entering registration page and complete the Registration form and after successful Registration Your free license key will sent within 24 hours by e-mail .
note :-If the license does not come in 24 hours check your junk or SPAM folder

How to enter the license key ?

after installation of avast! Home Edition you will find small icon in toolbar carry (a) letter right click on it and choose (about avast ) a new window will open just click on license key button and enter the key received in your email.


Download FREE antivirus software – avast! Home Edition


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