Monday, February 14, 2011

DEEPIKA PADUKONE Interview On Item Girl

DEEPIKA PADUKONE Interview On Item Girl entertainclub.blogspot.comShe is only three films old. But already the Shantipriya of OM SHANTI OM has proved that she is the uncrowned queen of today's Bollywood. Politically correct, she is, Deepika talks to our correspondent about her inward journey during the shoots of LOVE AAJ KAL.

Your fourth release is just round the corner...
And I am too excited about it. This film LOVE AAJ KAL is the first film where I could actually relate to the character I am playing. When Imtiaz (Ali) narrated the script to me for the first time, I knew then and there that I can't afford to let go this film. All I had to do was to walk into the sets and play myself.

You and Saif are looking too cool in the trailers. What's behind this great chemistry?

" I am not here to backbite and gossip."
I really don't know. But one thing I can assure that when you see the film, you will forget Deepika and Saif, and automatically focus on Meera and Jai.

Are you always on for love stories?
I am addicted to love stories. I love everything about love stories-the emotions, dream sequences, love notes, sweet nothings...I am a romantic at heart. And this film is too close to my heart.

Don't you feel lucky that you are working with big names at the very beginning of your career?
Definitely. Started with Shah Rukh Khan, then Ranbir (Kapoor), Akshay Kumar and now Saif Ali Khan. Thankfully directors and producers, now-a-days, are ready to cast newcomers in equally challenging roles.

Why is that you are always politically correct?
See, I am not here to backbite and gossip. I am not saying that I am blind to what's happening around me in the industry, but I don't need to be a motor-mouth


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