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How To Add Custom Icon For Widget Title In Blogspot?

Dscription Of Tutorial:
In this Blogger tutorial, you will learn to display icons or any text/image specific for any label/category On Widget As Shown In Figure Above.

For example, if these are the four main topics/categories of your blog: Music, Dating tips, Finance and Books reviews/Literature then for posts on book reviews you can show this icon below their post-titles:

Books icon

Similarly for posts on music, finance and dating tips you can show these icons:
Music icon Stats icon Heart icon

Are You Looking For This One?

How To Add Custom Icon For Widget Title In Blogspot?How To Add Icons?:
I Have Spent A Whole Day To Discover it.But Now Its So Easy And Quick And In Simple Plain English For You.
STEP #1:
Log in to Blogger, go to Layout -> Edit HTML and tick the tick-box "Expand Widget Templates"

How To Add Custom Icon For Widget Title In Blogspot?STEP#2 : Click On The Link "Download Full Template"to make a backup of current template on your hard disk..
STEP#3: Now search for the label for which you want to add an icon/image.
for example i m searching the label "Song"to change its icon first.
So Explore your template deeply..
How To Add Custom Icon For Widget Title In Blogspot?The Line You Have To Search Is:

Now The Most Important Part Of The Tutorial.Where To Post Img Url?
Post The Image Html Tag In Between

It Will Appear Like That
img height='25' src='' width='25'

I have not completely writen the img script from beginning.But u have to wite it fully as "

Click On "Preview"
If It Looks Well So Save Template Or If It Gives Some Errors So Correct It.
The Most Common Error Is
"XML template Could Not Be Parsed Properly"
To Overcome This error Make Sure That You have closed the tags properly
STEP#5: Similarly Repeat This Tutorial For All Labels / Categories

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