Friday, May 13, 2011

Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit HD Wallpapers

Need for Speed originated in a small gaming studio by the name of Distinctive Software, Inc, better known as Unlimited Software, Inc. This company was known for its releases of 4D Boxing (1991), Stunts (1990), Test Drive (1987) and Mission Impossible (1991).

Prior to it being bought out by Electronic Arts, Need for Speed was already made, under another two names, Stunts and Test Drive. Test Drive also had a sequel to it, The Duel: Test Drive II.

In 1991, it became EA Canada, a major component in the future EA Sports, in a deal worth US$11 million. This had a significant effect on Accolade, which lost credibility, and market share, upon this deal and in the following years. Although the Need for Speed series' development started in 1992, I stick by my previous statement that it already existed in a different name.

This November, cops are back in Need for Speed in a big way. Get ready for edge-of-your-seat, open-world pursuits in our most connected game ever.



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